COVID-19 Elevated Safe Distancing Measures for Visitors

In light of the stepped-up measures announced on Friday, 3 Apr 2020 to pre-empt escalating COVID-19 infections, the Singapore Prison Service (SPS) will be implementing stricter safe distancing measures to ensure the safety and well-being of our inmates.

All visits will be temporarily suspended from Tues, 7 Apr 2020 to Mon, 4 May 2020. Thereafter, resumption of visits will be subject to further review.

Meanwhile, SPS is exploring alternative means of communication for our inmates and their loved ones. Details will be provided in due course via our online portal:

To assist affected visitors, we will be keeping our visit hotline open on Saturday, 4 April & Sunday, 5 April, from 8.45am to 4.00pm. You may contact us at (+65) 6546 7169 / 70 / 71 / 72.


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The Singapore Prison Service (SPS), a uniformed organisation institutionalised in 1946, is one of the nine Departments under the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)

 Together, we form the Home Team (HT). SPS contributes to MHA’s Vision “to make Singapore a Safe and Secure Best Home” through the secure custody and rehabilitation of offenders. 

From a traditional custodial agency faced with challenges of overcrowded prisons and manpower shortage due to high staff turnover and poor public perception, SPS is now a leading correctional agency with a stellar safety and security track record, characterised by effective inmate management and sustained low recidivism rates. 

SPS staff, Captains of Lives (COLs), are highly engaged and work in an organisation recognised as one of Singapore’s Best Employers. 

SPS’s tagline: “Rehab, Renew, Restart” emphasises our commitment to rehabilitate inmates who desire to change, renew and restart their lives for the better, and garner the support of the community. 

SPS will continually transform the future of corrections with the strategies of ‘Prison Without Guards’ (PWG), ‘Prison Without Walls’ (PWW) and ‘Learning Prison’ (LP) by leveraging technology to optimise resources and reinvent our processes, and allow SPS to expand into community corrections. By making prison a place of learning and change, inmates take ownership of their own rehabilitation, leading to lower recidivism. 

Organisation Structure

SPS currently administers 15 institutions. They make up SPS’s line units and are grouped under five Commands – Cluster A and B contain five institutions each, which are situated within the Changi Prison Complex (CPC). Cluster C with two institutions is situated at the adjacent Tanah Merah Centre (TMC). The Community Corrections Command (COMC) oversees Lloyd Leas Community Supervision Centre (LLCSC), Community Rehabilitation Centre (CRC) and Selarang Halfway House (SHWH). In addition to them, the Operations and Security Command (OSC) oversees and manages CPC Security and the Prison Link Centres (PLCs). 

At the staff level, SPS has 11 staff divisions - Corporate Communications and Relations, Operations, Staff Development, Rehabilitation & Reintegration, Logistics & Finance, Intelligence, Strategic Planning, Psychological & Correctional Rehabilitation, Transformational & Technology, Inspectorate &Review and Provost. 

Singapore Prison Service Organisation chart (JPEG, 1.4MB)