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SPS Volunteering Journey


Registration and Process

Depending on your area of interest, you may volunteer as an individual or under any of the Volunteer Welfare Organisations (VWOs) that are currently partnering with SPS to provide a more structured programme. By registering through these organisations, your needs and aspirations as a volunteer could be better served by closer volunteer-inmate matching and mutual support among fellow volunteers.

All applications is subject to processing and upon successful, you will be scheduled to attend two sessions of Basic Prison Training (BPT) before you can be granted entry to commence your volunteering service in SPS. It is compulsory for you to undergo the BPT as it provides you with skills and knowledge on delivering a purposeful service to the inmates.

Developmental Volunteer Training

The Development Framework for Offender Rehabilitation Personnel (DORP), launched by the Singapore Prison Service (SPS) in January 2014 aims to enhance service delivery for our partners who undertake offender work, ensure professionalism and help to manage the complex needs of offenders and ex-offenders in their rehabilitation journey. The training opportunities provided will enhance the skills and competencies in their roles as Prison volunteers.

Appreciation and Recognition

In appreciation of our volunteers’ contribution in offenders’ rehabilitation efforts, an annual SPS Volunteers Awards Ceremony is organised at the end of each year. This event is held for the volunteers to thank them for their efforts, valuable time and commitment put in in their years of volunteering with SPS. Volunteers who have served 3, 5 and 10 years will be presented with a Long Service Award. Long serving volunteers who have made significant contributions during their service with SPS may also be nominated for the Minister of Home Affairs National Day Awards (HT Volunteers).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the age limit to join as a SPS Volunteer?

    To be a volunteer, you will need to be above 21 years old.

2. What is the minimum commitment level as a volunteer?

    The minimum commitment level subjects to the Volunteer Welfare Organisation’s (VWO) requirement. For Befrienders, the volunteer will have to commit to engage the inmate of up to 16 months.

3. How long does the process of an application take?

    The process of an application may take up to three months

4. Are the inmates dangerous?

    All inmates’ suitability have been assessed prior to participating in your volunteer programmes. However, just as you would treat any other persons, do not use abusive or provocative language with the inmates.

5. My spouse is interested to volunteer together with me. Can I bring him or her along?

    Approval has been granted to you as the authorised pass holder to enter the institution. You are not allowed to bring any unauthorised person along. If your spouse is interested, you may ask him/her to register as a volunteer with us.

6. I notice that there a number of rules and regulations to follow – Are these necessary?

    SPS compounds are gazetted security areas. Safety and security is therefore paramount in Prisons. The rules and regulations are essential in ensuring that safety and security exists inside prisons, ultimately, contributing to a safer Singapore.

7. What "perks" can a volunteer look forward to?

    The intangible and most rewarding benefit comes from knowing that volunteers' efforts have made a difference in the lives of inmates, and witnessing the positive transformation in some of the inmates.

    Aside from that, SPS provides training opportunities under the Development Framework for Offender Rehabilitation Personnel (DORP) for the volunteers to allow them to specialize in specific skills in volunteering and working with people.

8. Will there be a schedule given to volunteers to conduct a class?

    Coordinators from various Volunteer Welfare Organisations (VWO) will make arrangement with volunteers on their scheduling.

For enquiries on volunteering in Prisons, you may contact us at:

Community & Family Policy Branch
Singapore Prison Service Headquarters
980 Upper Changi Road North
Singapore 507708

Tel: 6546 9539
Fax: 6546 2459

Alternatively, you may email us at