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FROM 1946,

The Singapore Prison Service (SPS) was formally instituted as a government department.

The origins of Singapore’s penal system can be traced to the arrival of the first batch of convicts in 1825. The philosophy of deterrence through punitive measures was adopted in the prisons then, which were managed by colonial administrators, until the Second World War. In 1946, Prisons Department, now known as Singapore Prison Service, was formally instituted as a government department to oversee the management of prisons.

Over the years, SPS has progressed to become a leading correctional agency, to enforce safe and secure custody, deliver evidence-informed rehabilitation programmes and carry out effective community supervision of released offenders. SPS and its staff, also known as Captains of Lives, have undergone a transformation journey since then, and community partners have been instrumental in SPS’ journey.

In 2021, SPS celebrates ’SPS75’, commemorating 75 years since its inception as a government department. SPS75 was officially launched on 21 June 2021 by Minister for Communications and Information and Second Minister for Home Affairs, Mrs Josephine Teo.

SPS75 Logo
SPS75 Logo

The SPS75 logo was designed to signify SPS’ 75th anniversary and reflects distinctive elements of SPS’ identity, such as SPS’ corporate colours, the iconic Changi Prison outline and yellow ribbon symbol.

Changi Prison is a key icon associated with SPS in view of its longstanding heritage. The yellow ribbon has also been incorporated as it radiates an optimistic energy, symbolising second chances and new beginnings. The intertwined yellow ribbon demonstrates collaborative and supportive efforts between SPS and the community to transform offenders’ lives and that of their families, over the years.

Overall, the logo celebrates SPS’ heritage from a custodial agency to become a leading correctional agency globally, for a safer Singapore.

SPS75 Tagline:Transforming Lives with You

The tagline 'Transforming Lives with You' captures SPS’ mission of transforming offenders’ lives and their families.

Importantly, the term 'with you' signifies a sense of inclusivity and collaboration with the community at large. It also resonates with SPS' staff and public and reiterates the role of SPS' staff as 'Captains of Lives'.

SPS75 Commemorative Stamps
SPS75 Stamps

The set of four stamps features the main facets of SPS’s work and the key enablers in achieving its mission – Safe and Secure Custody, Rehabilitation and Reintegration, Technological Advancements, and Community Partnerships. It pays tribute to current SPS staff, pioneering officers who laid a strong foundation, and partners who have provided unwavering support and been an integral part of SPS’s transformation journey.

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