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Yellow Ribbon Community Project Awards and Appreciation 2020



The Yellow Ribbon Community Project (YRCP) is a grassroots-led initiative that aims to provide proactive support and assistance to the families of offenders. Started in September 2010, trained grassroots volunteers visit families of newly admitted offenders to offer them social support and assistance, linking them to the relevant social support networks for financial assistance, family casework support and addressing other welfare needs. This is part of efforts initiated by members of the public to help to stabilise the families who are affected by their loved ones’ incarceration, allowing offenders to focus on their rehabilitation in prison.

The YRCP has since expanded from eight participating divisions to a total of 89 today. As of October 2020, more than 1,200 grassroots volunteers have signed up and been trained to effectively reach out to more than 15,000 families of offenders island wide.













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Yellow Ribbon Community Project Awards and Appreciation 2020

In honour of the commitment of grassroots divisions in supporting families of offenders, an annual awards ceremony is held to recognise the work of YRCP volunteers. This year’s Yellow Ribbon Community Project Awards and Appreciation ceremony was held virtually on 28 November, commemorating the 10th anniversary of the initiative.

Graced by Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of National Development, Associate Professor Dr Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, 30 YRCP volunteers were given the 10 Year Service Award for their contributions.


During their admission, offenders will be briefed on the YRCP programme and assistance offered by the various grassroot divisions. Once an offender consents to be part of the programme, YRCP volunteers will reach out to his/her family to find out about their needs and concerns. Some common areas of assistance requested by YRCP-supported families – also known as YRCP beneficiaries – include finance, education, housing and employment.

Depending on the help required, volunteers will direct beneficiaries to suitable community resources, such as Residents’ Committees, Family Service Centres and Community Development Councils.


YRCP volunteers provide pro-social support through regular home visits, where they help to check on the general welfare of the families and their living environment on the offender’s behalf.

During these check-ins, volunteers will also encourage families to visit their loved ones in prison, to help rekindle and strengthen their familial bond. Upon request, volunteers can help to look out for children who may require additional support in their studies and counselling, connecting them with available community programmes and resources in their neighbourhood.

YRCP Booster Packs

Since 2018, the YRCP has distributed around 2,880 welfare packs to families of offenders, supporting those who have been affected by the recent incarceration of a family member.

Known as ‘Booster Packs’, each welfare pack contains vouchers and items that meet common household needs and is distributed by grassroots volunteers directly to families. This acts as an additional touchpoint for volunteers to re-visit beneficiaries to offer further community support, helping the YRCP to further strengthen bonds between its beneficiaries and the various grassroots divisions.

This year, each family received a Booster Pack which consist of $80 worth of Sheng Siong vouchers and for the children of beneficiaries (aged between 6 and 12 years old), they received $80 worth of Popular vouchers.

Organised by the Singapore Anti-Narcotics Associations and Singapore Prison Service, the Booster Pack initiative is sponsored by the Heartwarmers Volunteer Group, the Inmates’ Families Support Fund and the Yellow Ribbon Fund.


About the Yellow Ribbon Project (YRP)

Started in 2004, YRP is a community initiative in Singapore that aims to create awareness of the need to give second chances to ex-offenders, generate acceptance of ex-offenders and their families in the community, and inspire community action to support the rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-offenders into society.

YRP is managed by the Community Action for the Rehabilitation of Ex-Offenders (CARE) Network, which comprises Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), Singapore Prison Service (SPS), Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises (SCORE), National Council of Social Service (NCSS), Industrial & Services Co-operative Society Ltd (ISCOS), Singapore After-Care Association (SACA), Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association (SANA) and Yellow Ribbon Fund (YRF).