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Development & Reintegration Programme to Provide Additional Support for Malay/Muslim Inmates & Their Families


Singapore, 17 November 2018 – Mr Amrin Amin, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Health, launched the Development and Reintegration Programme today at Wisma Geylang Serai. The programme is a collaboration between the Singapore Prison Service (SPS) and the Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP), and aims to provide additional support to Malay/Muslim inmates in the Drug Rehabilitation Centres, and their families. More than 150 guests from the Malay/Muslim community were in attendance.

2          The programme will provide support to Malay/Muslim inmates and their families during the incarceration phase, and up to 12 months after the inmates’ release. While in prison, inmates undergo the 10-session Personal Development Programme, which aims to enhance their socio-educational development. During this time, families of the offenders are supported through the Family & Youth and Development Programme for emotional and financial stability. AMP case officers will also follow- up closely with the inmates and their families after release, to ensure a smooth transition back into the community.

3          The programme was first piloted in 2017 with 23 inmates. To date, more than 185 inmates and their families have received support under the Development and Reintegration Programme.

4          Mdm Hameet Khanee J Hussain, Senior Manager, Association of Muslim Professionals, said, “The programme has enabled AMP to effectively engage the families so that they are better able to support the inmates after they are released from prison. The in-care and pre-release engagements with the inmates have provided the opportunity for our case workers to understand their needs and concerns. This has helped to create a support network to facilitate their successful reintegration into the community, and to motivate them to lead a drug-free lifestyle.

5          SUPT 1 Valerie Chiang, Senior Assistant Director, Community & Family Policy Branch of the Rehabilitation & Reintegration Division of the Singapore Prison Service, said, “Research has shown that inmates face reintegration issues upon their release, and we know that family plays an important part in supporting their rehabilitation. The Development and Reintegration Programme will make the reintegration process less challenging for them, by providing community support from the onset of their incarceration and the period after, guiding them at each stage of their rehabilitation and reintegration journey”.