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2013 Singapore Prison Service Annual Statistics Release


Greater community involvement contributes to lower re-offending rates: Concerted Focus on Stronger Rehabilitation for Drug Offenders

“The lower recidivism rate is an encouragement to the various agencies and community partners involved in giving second chances to ex-offenders and helping them to rehabilitate. However, we are mindful that about 70 per cent of our inmates are those convicted of drug-related offences or admitted to the DRCs for drug abuse and addiction,” said Mr Terrence Goh, Director of SPS’ Rehabilitation and Reintegration Division. “New and enhanced rehabilitation and reintegration initiatives, such as enhanced supervision which was introduced last year, are regularly developed to channel multi-agency and community efforts to change the mindsets and lifestyles of offenders and ensure they receive adequate support during their reintegration phase.”

The full news release can be downloaded from the following link.

2013 SPS Annual Statistics Release (PDF, 457KB)