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Visit Registration


Arrive Early

Please be informed that you are required to arrive and get a queue number for your visit:

  1. At least 30mins before your scheduled Face-to-Face visit timing; or

  2. At least 15mins before your scheduled Tele-visit timing

Visitors who are late (unable to adhere to the above cut-off timing) will be issued with a queue number starting with the letter “L”. You will not be allowed to proceed with your original scheduled visit session but will need to have the visit rescheduled.


Visitors will be required to bring the following items for the visit registration:

  1. For the first visit (for visitor’s registration)

    -        Identification documents (NRIC / Passport / Birth Certificate)

    -        Documentary proof of relationship (Birth Certificates / Marriage certificates etc)

  2. For subsequent visits (for visit registration)

    -        Identification documents (NRIC / Passport / Birth Certificate)

    -        Visit Card

Personal Belonging

Visitors will only be allowed to bring in their identification documents for the visit session. All other personal belongings must be kept in the lockers provided.