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Visit Items


Reading Materials

SPS provides reading materials and resources to all our inmates. However, upon request by inmates, visitors are allowed to bring in three reading materials during each visit. For remand inmates, the three reading materials can be brought in on a weekly basis.

In view of operational security, all materials received will be screened.


Food Items

Visitors are allowed to purchase pre-approved snack packs for the following category of inmates during each visit.

  1. *Remand inmates
  2. Inmates undergoing the Drug Rehabilitation Regime
  3. Inmates undergoing the Inhalant Abuse Regime

*Remand inmates are allowed to receive one snack pack through visit only a weekly basis.

These snack packs can be purchased at any of the Prison Link Centres via NETS payment.


Pre-Release Clothing

Visitors are allowed to hand over a set of clothing and footwear for the inmate during any visit session at Prison Link Centre Changi, Prison Link Centre Tanah Merah or Prison Link Centre Selarang Park, between two months and two weeks prior to the release date.


Other items

For items like spectacles, dentures, photographs and medications, the inmate has to submit his/ her request to the institution. The requests have to be approved, before the visitor is allowed to send in the item when visiting.  Unapproved items will not be accepted via mail.


Payment of items purchased by inmates

For items available for inmates to purchase such as spectacles and dentures, he / she has to submit a request first to the institution. The request has to be approved before the visitor is allowed to make payment via NETS at our Prison Link Centres.