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Updated Visit Information


Visit Arrangement from 3 January 2022

We are pleased to inform you that face-to-face visits for up to two visitors will resume from 3 January 2022.

The visit arrangement details are as follows:

 Booking Period From 22 December 2021

Visit Mode & Frequency

(For all inmates except remand inmates)

Face-to-Face visit

  • Limited to once per month if no tele-visit is booked for the week


  • Up to twice per month if no face-to face visit is booked for the month


Visit Mode & Frequency

(For remand inmates)

Face-to-Face visit

  • Limited to once per week if no tele-visit is booked for the week


  • Limited to once per week if no face-to-face visit is booked for the week 

Face-to-Face visit 

  • 20 minutes


  • 30 minutes 

Booking of Visits


Booking can be made via
Alternatively, you can call our visit booking hotline at 6546 7169/ 70/ 71/ 72 from 8.30am – 5pm for assistance.

Who can make the booking? 

Main Card Holder (MCH) or approved visitor authorised by the MCH to make the visit booking


Number of bookings allowed


For all general categories of inmates, except remand inmates, only one booking is allowed at a time.

For remand inmates, up to two bookings are allowed at a time.

Other Important Notes

As part of SPS’ measures to ensure the safety and well-being of our inmates, staff and visitors, visits for inmates undergoing 14 days of cohort segregation will only be facilitated after the inmate is assessed to be suitable to join the general inmate population. 

Face to Face visit 

a.       Visits are limited to a maximum of two visitors.

b.       Please register for your face-to-face visit 30 to 45 mins before the scheduled visit timing. Entry into our premises will only be allowed 45 minutes before the scheduled time.

c.       We urge you to plan your travel time and not to arrive too early before your scheduled visit time.

Entry and Safe Management Measures

We seek your understanding and co-operation to adhere to the Safe Management Measures.  

a.       SafeEntry check-in via TraceTogether App or Token will be enforced. Entry will be denied for non-compliance.

b.       Visitors shall ensure that they have adhered to MOH COVID-19 healthcare guidelines before proceeding to and entering our premises. Visitors may refer to for the updated COVID-19 healthcare guidelines.

c.       Masks must be worn at all times (including during the visit session) within our premises.

d.       Please be seated at the designated waiting area and maintain a safe distance with other visitors.

e.       You are required to leave our premises upon completion of your visit.

f.        Visitors with no visit booking will not be allowed into our premises.

g.       Unless there was a prior appointment made with our staff for other services (e.g.  handing over clothing for inmates nearing their release, sending in medicines, signing of documents, or meeting the Family Resource Centre staff), visitors with no visit booking will not be allowed into our premises.

For any enquiries, please contact our visit booking hotlines at 65467169/70/71/72 from 8.30am to 5pm for assistance.