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Other Visit Matters

Signing of Documents

For the signing of any documents by inmates, visitors must inform the officers on duty during visit registration.

For documents submitted during face-to-face visit sessions, the request will be processed during the visit session and the documents will be returned on the *same day.

When documents are submitted during tele-visit sessions or non-visit days, there will be a processing time of minimally five working days.

Letter of Incarceration

Visitors can submit their request for a Letter of Incarceration during their visit registration. They must state the purpose for the request, and it will be subjected to the inmate’s consent.

Compassionate Leave Application

Compassionate leave allows an inmate to:

- Visit a family member who is seriously ill either at home or in the hospital or at any other place in Singapore

- Pay last respect to a deceased family member

The definition of ’family member’ shall be confined to a family line of descent which includes great-grandparents and grandparents (both paternal and maternal), parents, siblings (including step-siblings), spouse, children (including step children), grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Family members who wish to apply for the compassionate leave may do so electronically via (Login with SingPass) or (without SingPass).

Alternatively, family members may proceed to Prison Link Centre Changi during our operating hours with the following documents:

  1. Original NRIC of the applicant;
  2. Original documents proving the relationship between the inmate and the family member who is certified to be dangerously ill or who has passed away; and
  3. Original copy of the medical memo or death certificate

For applications being made in person at the Prison Link Centre Changi, please approach the counter staff to fill up an application form.

For applications during Prison Link Centre Changi non-operating hours, please proceed to the Changi Complex Main Entrance (located next to Prison Link Centre Changi).

The application for compassionate leave is subject to approval.

Loss of Documentary Proof

Birth certificate

Visitors can apply for a certified birth extract on behalf of the inmate online via ICA

Marriage Certificate

Visitors can apply for an extract copy of marriage certificate (duplicate certificate) from the Registry of Marriages (ROM) or Registry of Muslim Marriages (ROMM) via the following modes:

  1. Online;
  2. Online;
  3. Self-help kiosks located at ROM and ROMM
Proof for relationship for Foreigners

Foreign visitors who are unable to produce original documentary proof of their relationship with the inmate can approach their respective Embassies or High Commissions to seek assistance.

Request for Collection of Inmate’s Personal Property

There are 2 ways to submit a request to collect an inmate’s property – via an online request or a hardcopy Letter of Authorisation Form (LOA).

1. Online Request

A family member, who is the Main Visit Card Holder or any person authorised by the inmate, may submit an online request for the inmate’s consent to collect his/her personal property via FormSG: Login with Singpass or without Singpass

When submitting the request via FormSG, only the registered visitor is required to upload an image of the Visit Card to aid our verification process. Upon approval of the request, a Letter of Authorisation signed by the inmate will be sent to the applicant via the email address provided.

PIC Online Request

2. Hardcopy LOA

The applicant may submit a hardcopy Letter of Authorisation Form (LOA) in person to request for consent to collect the inmate’s property. Please take note that the LOA Form will only be made available at Prison Link Centre, Changi (PLCC). Upon submission of the completed form at PLCC, there will be a processing time of at least five days, before the applicant is contacted to collect the signed form at PLCC.

[For Registered Visitor] You may submit the request during your visit at PLCC.

[For Non-Registered Visitor] Please contact Visit Booking Hotline at 65467169/70/71/72 to make an appointment for this purpose.

PIC Hardcopy LOA

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)  Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) is used for inmates to remit money to their family member(s). Main card holders and authorised visitors may use this guide to access the EFT function on IPRIS.
Resources for Families 

This may be a challenging period for you, and you may be feeling overwhelmed from your loved ones' incarceration

The resources below share information that may be helpful towards your family or your incarcerated loved one. 

  1. Here are resources, such as self-care tips and how you can maintain contact with your loved ones. A list of community resources that may be able to provide assistance is also included

    Family Resources
    Community Resources Brochure

  2. This handbook includes practical tips on what you can do to support your loved ones during incarceration and prepare for their reintegration. 

    Family Handbook