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For Lawyers

Lawyer Meeting An Inmate


The PBS application for lawyers is a resource booking service that facilitates lawyers in booking their interview time with inmates. The application is also aimed at reducing the administrative and processing work that stems from the high volume of telephone and written requests by lawyers for such interviews. The application will provide decentralised management of such interview bookings to the individual Institutions. 

Bookings should be made 3 working days prior to the request date of interview to facilitate the processing of requests. 

Lawyers are to log on to the PBS application using their SingPass ID and Password. Once in, they are presented with a calendar-like interface. Dates and time slots which are available will be displayed. The lawyers can then choose the interview date, time slot and fill in pertinent information on the inmates to be interviewed, and submit the form electronically.

1. Who can access the Prisons Booking System?

  • Individuals with a valid SingPass ID and Password can access the PBS application. Lawyers who wish to make an appointment to interview an inmate can submit a booking via the online application.

    Alternatively, their assistants or secretaries can book an interview session on their behalf, by choosing the function "I am booking on the behalf of a lawyer/staff of CLAS". However, they will have to furnish the particulars of the main interviewer who would be conducting the interview with the inmate. Both lawyers and their assistants or secretaries can view the status of request submitted via the on-line application.

2. How do I access the Prisons Booking System?

  • You must have either Internet Explorer 5.x or above or Netscape Communicator 5.0 or above and Internet Access in order to access the Prisons Booking System. No other prior installation and setup is required to access the system. Please follow the steps below:

    - Please ensure that you have enabled the following settings in your Internet Explorer:

    Select Tools -> Internet Options from the Menu bar.

    Select Privacy Tab.

    Click on the Advanced button. Select the checkbox for "Overwrite automatic cookie handling".

    Click ok.

    - Access the PBS website through Prisons Internet Homepage (

    - Select Interactive Resources -> Legal Centre

    - Click on Prisons Booking System

    - Select 'SingPass' on the Main Authentication Page

    - Key in your SingPass ID and password to log-on the application.

    - You can now submit an interview request or view the status of interview requests previously submitted (attached note to be removed)

    - To submit a request, enter the inmate's NRIC number/Fin number/Inmate number and Inmate number (For foreigner inmate ithout Fin number, submission of inmate number will suffice)

    - Select the interview date, timeslot.
    - Complete and submit the form electronically

3. When should I submit my request for interview?

  • Bookings should be made 3 working days prior to the request date of interview to facilitate the processing of requests, (as we need to do screening and also submission for clearance through VMRS).

4. How do I check that my request is approved?

  • All interview requests will be responded to via emails. Should the interview request be rejected, reasons will be stated in the email. All applicants requesting an interview are required to furnish correct email addresses to facilitate the process.

    Should you not receive any email notifications after verifying your email address, kindly contact the respective Visit/Reception office to request for the email response to be re-sent to you.

    Admiralty West Prison

    Visit Office (Tel): 6884 1866

    Cluster A

    Registry Office (Tel): 6546 7141

    Cluster B

    Reception Office (Tel): 6546 6742

    Changi Women's Prison

    Visit Office (Tel): 6546 9426 / 6546 9427

    Kaki Bukit Centre (Prison School)

    General Enquiries (Tel): 6846 2730

    Community Supervision Centre

    Visit Office (Tel): 6546 9264

5. What do I need to bring on the day of the interview?

  • Please bring the approval letter. (You may print the approval letter using the "to view interview request" function). You would also need to bring your NRIC and your companion's NRIC (if any) for verification purposes.

    You may print the approval letter using the "to view interview request" function or approval letter through the email

6. How can I update my personal particulars?

  • If you are a new user, you would be prompted to provide your personal particulars upon logging into the Prisons Booking System.

    If you have used the application previously, your particulars will be displayed upon your successful login. You can then update your particulars. Please ensure that your particulars are accurate and updated before proceeding with the transaction.

7. Can I use Back, Forward and Refresh buttons on the browser when using the PBS application?

  • You are not allowed to use the Back, Forward and Refresh buttons provided on the browser when using the PBS application. Please use the Next and Back buttons provided on the screen instead. If you use the browser buttons, you may encounter this error message: "An invalid eService state was encountered. Either the Back, Forward or Refresh button was clicked. Please click on the link below to continue processing based on the current eService page." Click on 'Continue' button on the screen to proceed.

8. I encountered an error page displaying a table indicating an error in selection and a message at the end informing me that "The program has been terminated." What should I do?

  • Log out and try logging in again.

Last Updated/Reviewed on 04-May-2018