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FAQ for Lawyers


1. How can I bail an inmate?

  • All court bails are processed at the Bail Centre located on the ground floor of the Subordinate Courts Havelock Square Complex. For more information, you may contact 6435-5928 / 929.

2. How do I apply for Legal Aid for an inmate?

  • Upon the inmate's request for Legal Aid, the Prison authorities will forward the completed application form to the Legal Aid Bureau for consideration. Alternatively, the family can apply for Legal Aid on the inmate's behalf at the Legal Aid Bureau at Maxwell Road.

3. How can I find out an inmate's date of release or length of sentence or nature of offence?

  • The Prison authorities do not disclose confidential inmate information to members of the public. Should family members require such information, they should ask the inmate personally during their visit.

4. Can I help to pay fines on behalf of an inmate?

  • You may pay fines on behalf of an inmate at the Subordinate Courts at No. 1 Havelock Square.

Last Updated/Reviewed on 04-May-2018