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F. Other Questions on Inmates Visit


1. May I request for an open visit for the inmate to carry his or her baby?

    The inmate has to put up a request for our consideration.

2. I have just received a Visit Notification Letter, but the scheduled visit date stated has already lapsed. Can I still visit the inmate?

    You can contact the Visit Office of the Institution to arrange for another visit date.

3. How can I check which institution an inmate is housed in?

    All female inmates are housed in Changi Women's Prison (CWP). Male inmates under remand are housed in Cluster B, institution B2. See Table 3 below for a list of the institutions and their contact numbers.

    Table 3: Institutions and contact numbers

    Institution Contact No.
    Cluster A
    982 Upper Changi Road North
    Singapore 507709
    6546 6832
    Cluster B
    984 Upper Changi Road North
    Singapore 506969
    6546 6739 or 6546 6742
    Admiralty West Prison
    21 Admiralty Road West
    Singapore 757698
    6884 1781 or 6884 1861
    Changi Women’s Prison
    10 Tanah Merah Besar Road
    Singapore 498834
    6546 9427
    Selarang Park Community Supervision Centre
    1 Selarang Park Road
    Singapore 508167
    1800 543 1825
    Reporting Centre: 6546 9362
    Tanah Merah Prison (Prison School)
    10 Tanah Merah Besar Road
    Singapore 498834
    6214 4016


4. Can I find out about the medical services provided in the prison institutions?

    Primary health care for inmates is currently provided by qualified doctors and medical staff from a professional medical service provider. All newly-admitted inmates shall be seen by a doctor. They should inform the doctor of any pre-existing illness and any medication they were taking prior to their admission. All inmates are given adequate medical care during their incarceration.

5. Can I write letters to an inmate?

    Yes. All standard materials including greeting cards and postcards are subject to screening and approval by the Prison authorities. Non-standard materials will be rejected immediately, such as of the following : musical, perfumed, pop-ups, irregular-shaped, unusually large, glossy surface, pasted with neo-prints/stickers, printed with personal photographs, etc.

6.Is there any dress code to be observed when visiting an inmate?

    Visitors may be denied visits if they are not properly attired such as the wearing of excessively revealing attire, for example mini-skirt, bare-back, low-cut clothing that reveals cleavage, etc.