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C. Documents


1. My spouse is currently in a prison institution. I need my spouse's NRIC for my child's enrolment in Primary School. How can I get his NRIC?

    It is not a requirement to produce the inmate's NRIC for the child's enrolment for primary school. For child's enrolment for primary school, you may approach our Visit Officers and request for a Letter of Incarceration (LOI) through face to face visit. You may then submit the LOI with the letter from Ministry of Education for the child's enrolment. Please call 6546- 7169 for more details.

2. How do I get the inmate to sign a document during the visit?

    Documents requiring the inmate's signature are to be duly filled up before being submitted through the Visit Office. Visitors are encouraged to submit the documents before the start of the visit session.

3. What documents must I bring along for the visit?

    Your Visit Card, NRIC or Passport and/or Work Permit and letters (if any) are required at every visit session. Birth Certificates 

    and Marriage Certificates are required for relationship verification purposes during the first registration. See Table 1 for the types of documents to be produced. 

    Table 1: Types of documents to be produced for verification of relationship 

    Visitor Documentary Proof

Paternal Grandparent
  • NRIC/valid passport of paternal grandparent
  • Original Birth Certificate of inmate
  • Original Birth Certificate of inmate’s father
Maternal Grandparent
  • NRIC/valid passport of maternal grandparent
  • Original Birth Certificate of iInmate
  • Original Birth Certificate of iinmate’s mother
  • NRIC/valid passport of parent
  • Original Birth Certificate of inmate
  • NRIC/valid passport of spouse
  • Original Marriage Certificate of inmate
  • NRIC/valid passport of sibling
  • Original Birth Certificate of inmate
  • Original Birth Certificate of sibling
  • NRIC/valid passport of child
  • Original Birth Certificate of child
  • NRIC/valid passport of step-parent
  • Original Birth Certificate of inmate
  • Original Marriage Certificate of step-parent with inmate’s natural parent
  • NRIC/valid passport of step-sibling
  • Original Birth Certificate of inmate
  • Original Birth Certificate of step-sibling
  • NRIC/valid passport of step-child
  • Original Birth Certificate of step-child
  • Original Birth Certificate of Inmate


4. I have lost the Birth Certificate of the inmate, what should I do?

    You can apply for a birth extract on behalf of the inmate. A birth extract is a certified true copy of the Birth Certificate (BC).

    Registry of Births & Deaths is the custodian of all birth records in . All applications for a certified extract of these records have to be made on the required application forms. Applications can be made in person or via the Internet.

    Citizen Services Centre

    Registry of Births & Deaths

    3rd Storey, ICA building,

    10 Kallang Road(next to Lavender MRT station)

    Singapore 208718

5. How do I obtain a letter stating that the inmate is detained in prison?

    Please submit the original letter, which should include information on who the letter is addressed to and relevant information about the inmate, to the Prison authorities. Subject to approval, the requested letter may be issued to you thereafter.