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G. Academic Matters


1. Can an inmate continue his education while serving his sentence?

    In line with our efforts to help inmates rehabilitate, the Singapore Prison Service encourages inmates, especially those who are most amenable to change, to pursue an education during their incarceration. Inmates who wish to continue their studies may submit a request to the Prison authorities for consideration.

    Inmates undergo a selection process to assess their eligibility and suitability for the academic programmes available.

    Inmates who are selected will be housed at either the Prison School or institutions offering academic courses, such as General Education (GE), GCE 'N', 'O' and 'A' levels as well as vocational training in electronics.

2. My child wants to sit for his examinatin while he is remanded or serving his sentence.What should I do?

    For an inmate who is currently attending academic classes while serving his sentence, arrangements will be made for the inmate to sit for the examination at the institution of his studies.

3. Can I bring study texts or assessment books for my child who is continuing his studies in an institution?

    Subject to the approval of the Prison authorities, you may submit a request to do so.

4. Can an inmate apply to be placed on the Home Detention (HD) Scheme?

    No application is required for the Home Detention Scheme. Inmates who qualify will be automatically considered in due course.