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Asian Prisons Lockdown Challenge

Asian Prison Lockdown Challenge

The Asian Prisons Lockdown Challenge (APLC) is the first of its kind in the Asian region. Organised by the Singapore Prison Service, the event includes friendly competitions that test the participants’ tactical know-how through a series of mentally and physically challenging scenarios.

Building on the success of the event in 2010 and 2012, APLC has continued to generate significant interest in the industry of correctional services. In 2012, representatives from Singapore Prison Service, Brunei Darussalam Prison Department, Hong Kong Correctional Service, Macao Prisons and Tasmania Prison Service had participated in the friendly competitions and shared their tactical knowledge and expertise, while officers from Korea Correctional Service and Guangdong Provincial Prisons Administration Bureau had participated as observers.

Highlights of the event:

For APLC 2016, the competing teams pit their skills against one another in one or more of the following components:

Individual Event: The Specialist

This segment places the specialist in a series of tough obstacles and precision shooting challenges using both lethal and less-lethal weaponries.

Team Event: The Marksmen

This event is a test of marksmanship. The team is required to shoot at various targets and will be judged on their speed and precision.

Team Event: Search and Rescue

In this challenge, the participants are required to search for casualties in a barricaded environment while reacting to antagonists. The aim is to effect an evacuation of casualties in a safe and effective manner.

Team Event: Operation ‘Man Down’

The team will face a scenario where they will need to quell an attack during high risk inmate transport. The team is required to neutralize the threat and rescue the escorting team back to safe zone.

Tactical Demonstration

Besides engaging in the friendly competition, there will also be sharing of tactical knowledge amongst the various units. There would be avenues for participating teams to showcase their tactical skills through series of tactical demonstrations and sharings.

Product exhibitions

There would also be vendors exhibiting the latest tactical products as well as sporting apparels. New equipment and products relevant to the correctional industry would be demonstrated by the vendors.

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