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Prison Officer (Sergeant)



As Captains of Lives, we are akin to the first drop of water that touches the pond and creating a ripple effect. Our work goes beyond being a guard; we aspire to create a positive impact in the lives of offenders, and inspire everyone at every chance towards a society without re-offending.

Prison Officer (Sergeant)
Be part of the team to enforce secure custody of offenders and rehabilitate them, for a safe Singapore.

Eligibility Requirements




PES Status

PES B1 and above



Normal Colour Vision


Educational Qualification

Entry Rank

*Starting Salary Range

Diploma/ GCE ‘A’ Levels/ Higher Nitec


$1,916 - $2,748

* with effect from 1 June 2020

Indicative starting salary for fresh graduates with the completion of full-time National Service (for males only). Additional increments may be granted for relevant work experience.

Sign-On Bonus

Newly appointed Captains of Lives may receive a sign-on bonus of $10,000 (given in 2 tranches of $3,000 and $7,000 respectively).

Career Progression

To signal SPS’s commitment to look beyond academic qualifications, non-graduate officers can look forward to seamless and faster career progression up the ranks even without a degree, based on performance and potential. Sergeants who performed well and have the demonstrated potential, can be considered for direct emplacement to the Rehabilitation Officer rank within the first few years of service.

Upgrading Opportunities

SPS supports the professional and personal growth of our Captains of Lives through various upgrading and developmental schemes.

MHA Degree Scholarship

Full sponsorship for full-time Degree programs, including full pay during course of study

MHA Sponsorship/MHA Study Award* Part-time studies (PhD, Masters, Graduate Diploma, Degree, Diploma & formal certificate) 

Professional Development Leave*

Up to 10 weeks paid leave to take courses relevant to SPS

Learning & Development Subsidy Scheme

$700 per annum to support lifelong learning and personal development

Enhanced Learning & Development Subsidy Scheme

$2000 per annum in the last 5 years prior to an officer’s retirement to support transition to a second career post retirement

* All permanent and confirmed officers are eligible to apply, subject to the criteria and guidelines.


1. Annual Leave 14 – 18 days (Sergeant)
2. Annual medical leave of 14 days or 60 days with hospitalisation
3. Annual study leave of 12 days (subject to approval)
4. Subsidised medical and dental care
5. Marriage/Child birth benefits

INVEST Retirement Benefits

As a uniformed officer, you will also be eligible for retirement benefits under the INVEST scheme. A contribution equivalent to 7.75% of your gross salary will be credited monthly into your retirement account, starting from your fifth year in service and will cease when you reach 55 years old. The monies are invested to earn investment returns. Upon retirement, you can withdraw the full sum in your account.

Strategic Payment Scheme

New officers can look forward to cash payouts of 3 months (ASP and below) quantum upon reaching their 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 20th, and 25th year in service.


New Entrant Captains of Lives are required to undergo a 30-week Basic Officer Course (Sergeant). There is a residential component of 18-week course at the Home Team Academy, followed by 12-week of On-the-job training (OJT) at the Institutions. 

The Prison Officer Course (SGT) comprise physical training, tactical readiness and academic components to prepare new Captains of Lives with the mindset, skillsets and toolsets for work in SPS.

All new Captains of Lives are required to serve a 2-year bond after they graduate from the course.

Career Development

SPS provides a dynamic and well-structured career advancement route map for our Captains of Lives. Besides operational roles in an institution, you may also be posted to different functional areas such as in Intelligence, investigation, community corrections, programme management, technology, training, corporate services, Prison Special Operations etc. for your career development. You will undergo the relevant leadership milestone programs and training at each stage, as you advance in your career with SPS.

Under the Expert Career Tracks for Prison Special Operations and Intelligence respectively, officers selected for these tracks will hone their expertise to develop deep specialisation and receive recognition for their expertise (i.e. Senior Specialist, Principal Specialist and Expert).



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