Visit Arrangement from 1 September 2021

We are pleased to inform you that face-to-face visits will resume from 1 September 2021. Up to two visitors will be allowed for each visit session. We will no longer facilitate phone calls in place of visits after 31 August 2021. Click here for more information


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Home Team Sponsorships


The Home Team Diploma Sponsorship

The Home Team Diploma sponsorship is awarded to talented polytechnic students who have the drive and passion to keep Singapore safe and secure by making a difference in the lives of offenders and their communities. The sponsorship covers you for a three-year diploma education in any of the five local polytechnics. The sponsorship will not only provide financial incentives during your studies, but will also start you on a meaningful and fulfilling career with the Singapore Prison Service. You will be given developmental opportunities to acquire new skills and upgrade yourself professionally as you progress with the Singapore Prison Service.

Home Team ITE Sponsorship

Similar to the Home Team Diploma Sponsorship, the Home Team ITE sponsorship is awarded to talented Higher Nitec students with the passion and keen interest for a career with the Singapore Prison Service.

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To apply for Home Team Diploma Sponsorship, please visit this link.

To apply for Home Team ITE Sponsorship please visit this link.

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