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Civilian Officer



A civilian career with SPS is one with many opportunities. You will be deployed to various units alongside with uniformed officers.

Management Executive Scheme (MXS)

(i) Extended Management Executive Scheme (E-MXS)
An officer who is appointed under the Extended Management Executive Scheme (E-MXS) is deployed to different units within SPS to assume various roles. They are able to apply administrative and organizational skills in areas including Line Operations, Human Resource, Corporate Services, Corporate Communication and Strategic Planning.

(ii) Home Affairs Senior Executive (HASE)
As a Home Affairs Senior Executive (HASE), you will have diverse exposures within the Home Team that allow you to develop cross cutting knowledge and skills. Additionally, you can also develop your career along professional tracks to deepen specialisation in your areas of interest.

Candidates with knowledge and/or experience in Psychology, Social work or Counselling may apply for Correctional Rehabilitation Specialist (CRS) position. The roles for CRS comprise the design, formulation and delivery of rehabilitation programmes in support of offenders’ rehabilitation and reintegration journey.

Home Team Specialist Scheme (HTSS) - Psychologist
Psychologists in SPS provide psychological testing and assessment services. They play a key role in the rehabilitation of offenders through the development and delivery of specialised treatment programmes. They will also undertake the profiling of offenders, norming and recidivism study, as well as studies of organisation culture. Psychologists support the staff development efforts in SPS through specialised training, mental health enhancement workshops/talks and staff selection assessment.

Eligibility Requirements

Extended Management Executive Scheme (E-MXS)

Management Executive Scheme (MXS)

Home Team Specialist Scheme (HTSS)

Strong interest to undertake challenges in various areas including line operations, human resource management, finance and corporate services, research and information support.

Strong interest in experiencing diverse exposure and developing cross-cutting knowledge/ skills.

Possess knowledge and / or experience in Psychology.

Good organisation & management skills.

 Strong interpersonal & communication skills.

For CRS – Possess knowledge and/or experience in Social Work, Psychology or Counselling.



Entry Rank

*Salary Range

Extended Management Executive Scheme (E-MXS)
Management Executive Grade 14

$1,900 -$2,402

Management Executive Scheme (MXS)
Management Executive Grade 13

$3,100 - $4,038

Home Team Specialist Scheme (HTSS)
Home Team Specialist Grade 13

$3,220 - $4,158

* with effect from 1 June 2020

Indicative starting salary for fresh graduates with the completion of full-time National Service (for males only). Additional increments may be granted for relevant work experience.



1. 18 – 21 days of annual vacation leave (MX14 and above)
2. 14 – 18 days of annual vacation leave (MX15 and MX16)
3. Annual medical leave of 14 days or 60 days with hospitalisation
4. Annual study leave of 12 days (subject to approval)
5. Subsidised medical and dental care
6. Marriage/ Child birth benefits


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