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The Singapore Prison Service (SPS) is a uniformed organisation under the purview of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). As a key member of the Home Team, its responsibilities encompass the safe custody, rehabilitation and aftercare of offenders, and preventive education.

SPS is made up of a professional team of uniformed officers and civilian staff, including psychologists, counsellors, medical personnel, and management officers. Since its institutionalisation as a department in 1946, SPS has undergone a marked transformation to remake itself as one of the most progressive, secure, and exemplary prison systems that is recognized and respected internationally, dedicated to the cause of providing secure custody and steering offenders to become law-abiding citizens.

Organisation Structure
SPS currently administers 13 institutions. They make up SPS’ line units and are grouped under 3 Clusters and a Command – Cluster A and B which are within the Changi Prison Complex (CPC). Cluster C encompasses TM1 (formerly known as Tanah Merah Prison) and TM2 (formerly Admiralty West Prison). The Community Corrections Command (COMC) oversees community supervision and reintegration. In addition to them, the Operations and Security Command (OSC) oversees and manages CPC security and the Prison Link Centres.

At the staff level, SPS has 11 staff divisions - Corporate Communications and Relations, Operations, Staff Development, Rehabilitation & Reintegration, Logistics and Finance, Intelligence, Strategic Planning, Psychological & Correctional Rehabilitation, Transformational & Technology, Inspectorate and Review and Provost. 

Singapore Prison Service Organisation chart (JPEG, 836KB)

Last Updated/Reviewed on 04-February-2019