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Role of a Prison Volunteer

Prison Volunteer Sharing With Inmates

Why do we want to engage volunteers in our Rehabilitation Efforts?

Prisons recognises that the community including volunteers and non-government organisations have important roles to play in the rehabilitation and re-integration of ex-offenders. Volunteers bring with them their expertise in the various fields, and impart their knowledge to the inmates through the various programmes / activities. Being in the community, the volunteers can also help to link the released offenders back to the community, facilitating the reintegration process.

Where does the Volunteer fit in this Process

Prison volunteers come in to work with the inmates, in the areas of religious counselling, social programmes, academic and enrichment programmes right from the deterrence phase in incare. Volunteers are also involved in mentoring and guiding the released inmates in the aftercare phase.

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Last Updated/Reviewed on 05 February 2018