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E. Items Brought In Through Visit


1. What can I bring along for the visit?

    Only approved items are allowed to be brought in or purchased from the Institution for the inmate during the visit. Items vary depending on the category of the inmate. You may refer to the list of approved items at the Visit Office of the Institution.

    a. Reading Materials

    Convicted inmates are allowed to receive a maximum of 3 reading materials per visit basis; for remanded prisoners, the frequency is weekly. For visitors who are using PLC (Changi), you are encouraged to purchase the reading materials for the inmates at the book kiosk.
    Reading materials such as textbooks, dictionaries, self-assessment books and study materials required for educational pursuits have to be separately requested for by inmates and are subject to approval by the Prison authorities.
    All reading materials are subjected to screening by the Prison authorities.

    b. Spectacles

    Both remanded and convicted inmates are allowed to either receive a pair of spectacles (made of plastic lenses with black plastic opaque frame) from their family members through a visit session or make a new pair through the optician engaged by Prisons. For both arrangements, the inmate is required to put up a formal request to the Prison authorities for approval. Payment for spectacles is to be borne by the inmate, either from the inmate's saving or from family members through the Visit Office.

    c. Medication

    For medicine brought in by visitors, e.g. for newly-admitted inmates who have been on long-term medication prior to admission, the inmate concerned shall first be advised to report sick and consult the Medical Officer. The Medical Officer upon approving the request shall issue a memorandum to the prison authorities, based on which the medicine brought in by the visitors could be accepted through the Visit Office. The same shall apply to non-standard medication, which could be brought in at any stage of one's imprisonment or detention. Only medication prescribed by a Medical Officer will be accepted.

    d. Hearing Aids

    Inmates who require hearing aids have to submit a request after being examined and recommended by the Medical Officer. Upon approval, the inmate's family members may bring in the hearing aid through the Visit Office.

    e. Dentures

    Inmates who require dentures must submit a request to the Prison authorities. Subject to approval, payment for dentures is to be borne by the inmate, either through his savings or from family members through the Visit Office.

2. How should I pay for the spectacles and dentures purchased by the inmate?

    Visitors can make payment at the Visit Office via NETS or Cashcard. Cash payment will not be accepted.

3. Can I bring the inmate specially-cooked food during festive seasons?

    Visitors are not allowed to bring food for inmates throughout the year. Inmates are provided with special meals during festive seasons.