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FAQ for Family Members


Frequently Asked Questions for Family Members:

Visitations with Inmates

Generally, family members are allowed to visit inmates upon producing the relevant documentary proofs of their relationship. For non-family members who wish to visit an inmate, their visitation requests are subject to approval by the Singapore Prison Service. To help us process the requests, the Main Card Holder (MCH) would need to complete a “Application Form for Request to Visit an Inmate” at the Prison Link Centre (Changi).

Community Based Programmes (CBP)

Community Based Programmes (CBP) allow suitable inmates to serve the tail-end of their sentences or Detention Orders in the community, under supervision. CBP may include Home Detention Scheme or Halfway House Scheme. During the period of CBP, inmates are generally required to engage in purposeful activities such as work or study. There is no need to apply for CBP as inmates who qualify for it will automatically be considered.

Medical Treatment

The medical team in prison, which comprises qualified doctors and medical staff ensures that all inmates are given adequate medical care during their incarceration. Referrals to specialist treatment/care will also be made depending on our doctor’s  assessment of inmates’ medical conditions.

Inmates Letters

All inmates can receive letters. Standard correspondence materials including greeting cards and postcards are subject to screening and approval by the Singapore Prison Service. Non-standard correspondence materials such as musical, perfumed, pop-ups, irregular-shaped, unusually large, glossy surface, pasted with neo-prints/stickers, printed with personal photographs, etc. will not be allowed. 

Compassionate Leave

Compassionate Leave allows an inmate to:

  • Visit a close relative who is seriously ill either at home or in hospital or at any other place in Singapore
  • Attend the last rites/funeral of a close relative

A close relative shall be confined to the family line of descent which means grandparents (both paternal and maternal), parents, spouse, siblings, or children.

Family members who wish to apply for compassionate leave may proceed to the Prison Link Centre (Changi) during office hours (Mondays to Saturdays: 0800hrs to 1630hrs) with the following documents:

  1. Original NRIC of the applicant;
  2. Original documents proving the relationship between the inmate and family member who has passed away or is certified to be dangerously ill; and 
  3. Original copy of the death certificate or medical memo.

Please approach the counter staff to fill up an application form for inmate’s compassionate leave.

Contact details for enquiries

For enquiries during office hours, please call 6546 7170/7171/7172 for assistance.

For enquiries during non-office hours, please call 6546-6880/6891 before proceeding to the Complex Main Entrance [located next to the Prison Link Centre (Changi)] for processing of the compassionate leave application.

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Last Updated/Reviewed on 17-April-2019